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25, marzo 2020

Mailchimp Academy: here’s what you need to know

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As they were announcing company measures and the free increase of some plans on the face of the coronavirus crisis, Mailchimp delivered to their freelance and agency users the much waited news of the launching of Mailchimp Academy: the official vehicle for trainning and certifications that so many times had been demanded to the email marketing company.

So far, just for professionals and agencies

However, according to their announcement tweet, the academy will only be open to professionals. The trainning will aim at three main goals:

  • Strenghten the email marketing‘s clients base,
  • Learn new strategies to improve the service provided,
  • Examine and validate skills, and, finally, certify them.

To do so, Mailchimp has enabled two main itineraries. The first one is oriented towards acquiring the basic knowledge about the tool.

The second one, being more generic, revolves around a more advanced level of email marketing.  Also, since man does not live by certifications alone, the trainning is complemented with a course aimed at automation campaigns.

Every course consists on text modules and short video pieces, always under 25 minutes. No subtitules are available for now (not even in english).

Trainning and other resources for all levels

If you are not freelance, belong to an agency or to any other kind of client based expertise company, you won’t be able to access Mailchimp Academy for now. But do not bear pain, for all Mailchimp Resources have been published, and they are an enormous help to learn about our favourite email marketing tool.

If you’d rather have the consistency of a guided trainning, some of the Chimp Essentials courses are still available, as well as for all levels on Udemy.

Happy trainning!